Emotional Release with the Feelings kit

Emotional Release with the Feelings kit


So let’s get this out in the open right now. Do you think essential oil can help with your emotions? Do you think the idea that a scent can change how you think is nuts or do you think it’s so cool?! Or maybe you just don’t know yet.

So let’s cut to the chase– they work. It’s in research. It’s a fact. It may sound crazy, but it’s awesome. Don’t trust me? Check out PubMed or How Emotions Are Released Using Essential Oils if you want to learn more.

I’ve been using essential oils to help with my emotional “issues” for years! I’ve used them for grief, nervousness, stress, sadness, negativity, confidence, anger, and pretty much any other emotion you can think about! What’s crazy is that they also help with the physical manifestation of negative emotions!

You probably already know that emotions and the body are connected. After all, have you ever been so sad that your body hurt? Or maybe you have been so nervous that your stomach was upset? Emotions are so powerful that they can impact how we physically feel! Many times when we have no answer as to why our body is behaving a certain way– it may be due to emotional blockages or negativity stuffed away. Once we release those patterns we can help regain control over our lives!

How To Use The Feelings Kit
Gary Young says, “Apply feeling oils before work and every night before bed. Do this for 30 days and you will change your life.” Do you want to change your life? Then try it out!  But before you even think about get started… let’s talk about how to use the kit so you know what you’re getting into.

When you get your Feelings Kit, you may want to test out your emotional reaction to what you just bought. It is very possible (and normal) that you could have a different emotional reaction than a friend or family member to any of the essential oils and sometimes they can be very powerful. After all, science tells us that scent is directly connected to the limbic center of the brain (aka emotions and memories live there)!

Sit down in a quiet place with a pen and paper and open each essential oil included in the Feelings Kit. Take 5 deep breaths from each bottle and jot down any emotional reactions or thoughts that pop up to each one. You may feel overwhelmed, emotional, happy, or you may not experience anything. Anything you feel is okay! It’s all part of the process.

If at any time you feel that the Feelings Kit is too much for you then you may want to just use one or two of the essential oils or remove the ones that effect you most powerfully until you are ready.

But you can’t. No one can pull that off….

How To Use Affirmations
After I apply each of the essential oil in the Feelings Kit and take a few deep inhalations of what is left on my hands while I say my affirmation. The affirmation is always about the goal which I want to accomplish such as “I am enough”, “I release all feelings of anger” or “I am worthy of love and happiness”.

If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, then you can use a very broad goal such as “I invite all positive things into my life” or “I am open to possibilities”.

When making your affirmation, try to avoid phrases like “I want” or “I will try”.There should be no hesitance or room for doubt to your affirmations. If this feels weird to say– that’s awesome! It actually should feel weird– that’s a great sign that you are doing the right thing!

My Feelings Kit Protocol
There are six fantastic essential oils in the Feelings Kit (Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time). Each essential oil works in a different way to help release whatever is holding you back from reaching your true potential!

You can really make this your own experience. If you feel that the essential oil will be better served placed on a different area than I recommend or in a different order, then I encourage you to try it! I based mine on Gary Young’s Protocol, but I added some “Sherri Spice” to the mix if you know what I mean. {wink wink}

The first and most important thing you can do is find some place relaxing where you won’t be disturbed.

STEP 1: Relax and prepare!

You gotta relax if you want be open to anything! If relaxing doesn’t come easily to you, then consider playing some soft music, diffuse some calming essential oils, drinking chamomile tea or taking a lavender bath before you get started. Also consider relaxation exercises like guided imagery or meditation. A great trick is to take several deep breathes and imagine the tension leaving your body with each exhale.

When you are ready get comfortable and begin applying the essentials oils in the Feelings Kit.

And remember– let the emotions release! If you notice that you’re repressing anything, really try to let it go. It can take a while so be patient with yourself.

Valor essential oil blend is one of my most favorite essential oils in the entire world! It is empowering and helps us to feel courage! It’s also smells intoxicating. And it’s BLUE.

STEP 2: One drop of Valor on the soles of both feet

Optional: You can add one drop of  Highest Potential Essential Oil as well if you feel inclined. Together they are said to help erase limited thinking.

Affirmation Suggestion: “I am ready to transform my life” or “I am confident and secure in who I am”. Reflect on what makes you feel insecure and release it!

Harmony oil blend brings harmony to your body!

   It is said to be one of the only essential oils that can create balance for your entire body! I personally love to take epsom salt baths with Harmony when I’m feeling off balance. Harmony helps us to feel confident, and balances our nervous systems reaction to stress.

STEP 3: Apply one drop of Harmony on the 7 energy center points of your body to allow negative energy to escape.

Where are the 7 energy centers? Basically imagine a line going up your body from your pubis to the top of your head– there are 7 centers that move up that line!

  • Tailbone
  • 2 inches below belly button
  • 2 inches above belly button
  • Over the heart
  • Throat (or back of neck)
  • Center of forehead
  • Crown of head
Affirmation Suggestions: “My heart is open to give and receive love” or “I can express myself completely”. Try to keep your mind open and take note of any thoughts which arise. Why did they show up? What do they mean?


This is a beautiful essential oil which works beautifully as a perfume! It is uplifting and releasing at the same time! It facilitates the release of hurtful memories and promotes a willingness to move forward.

A lack of forgiveness is one of the most common roots of physical, mental, and spiritual disease and it is very important that it is released. Learn more about Forgiveness HERE

STEP 4: Apply Forgiveness to the navel in a clockwise motion while thinking of anyone you may be angry with or who has hurt you in the past (including yourself).

Affirmation Suggestions: “I forgive {name} for any harm or hurt you have caused me”, “I am thankful for life’s experiences and the lessons they teach” or “I forgive myself for my past mistakes”.

Focus on truly feeling forgiveness and if you have any thoughts like “But this could have been different…” or “But he is such a jerk!”, then release them! Understand that the past can’t be changed and work on being okay with that.

                      How To Use The Feelings Kit #YLEO

How To Use The Feelings Kit #YLEO

In Chinese Medicine, we are told that the liver becomes a storage place for anger, resentment, jealousy and a host of negative emotions. Release anger and negativity with Release essential oil!

Warning: this is a powerful oil and many people have reported a wide range of emotional reactions including crying, anger, moodiness, and criticism. Please make sure you have adequate time to process these emotions! 

STEP 5: Apply over the liver (right side of bottom of rib cage) and wait as feelings of frustration are uplifted.

Affirmation Suggestion:“I release all negativity from my body” or “I replace all negative feelings with love and joy”.

Imagine the negative emotion as black goo inside your body. Place your hands over your body and imagine pulling the black goo out and throwing it in a trash can. If you feel any emptiness from removing so much black goo, then imagine feeling it with white light or clean energy.

Present Time
Most of us live by worrying about the future or living in the past. Present Time Essential Oil promotes feelings of living in the moment and opens up new possibilities! Learn more about Present Time Essential Oil HERE

STEP 6: Apply Present Time to the wrists and behind the ears OR to your throat. Let your body guide you to what feels right for you!

Affirmation suggestions: “I let go of my past” or “I experience the joy of the present”. Reflect on what holds you back from living in the moment. Why is it so significant?

Inner Child
Inner child can help you access your creativity and your inner child. It can stimulate memory and connect you with your authentic self. It can also be very helpful for children who have had a troubled past or who are going through a difficult time emotionally.

STEP 7: Apply 1 drop of Inner Child just under your nose to open the pathway to connecting with your inner self. 

Affirmation Suggestion: “I am ready to face my inner child” or “My authentic self is enough”. Try to keep your mind open to your affirmation and investigate any thoughts which come up. Why did you think of that or feel a certain way? What significance does it have?

STEP 8: Reapply 1 drop of Valor to the bottoms of your feet and take several deep breathes while reflecting on your experience.

What To Do After The Feelings Kit
After you finish apply the oils, listen to your body!

You may want to take a bath, journal, cry, dance around your room, fall asleep or go hug your kids. Sometimes the feelings come out in our dreams or we may notice smaller releases the following day. Just pay attention to the details of life. If you are happier or maybe more grouchy– consider what was released in your last session and how that is impacting you.

Or you may not feel anything. This can be normal reaction because you may not be ready to access the emotions deep within yourself yet. You can use this as your affirmation for using the feelings kit and say “I release the emotions inside me” each time you apply your essential oils.