Metaphysical Store

Metaphysical Store

Positive Practice has much more to offer to its community. Starting from a wide variety of items contributed by local artists and neighbors.

Some of the items positive practice has to offer would be:

♥ Clothing                    ♥ Candles                    ♥ Healing Stones

♥ Singing bowls        ♥ Selenite Lamps      ♥ Jewelry 

♥ Vibes up                   ♥ Sirens Song            ♥ The Hall of Art

♥ Essential Oils by Young Living       ♥ Thieves Products 

Photos of our beautiful Store:   

The Store!!!

Singing bowls


Young living display 

Clothing brought to you by Kashi

Stones with definitions and meanings:



Sirens Song display

Clear remedies sage palosanto:

Display case