What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

My opinion:

Reiki is the Fung Shui of the body!!

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway“) examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in your living environment, and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow. Your personal energy flow effects how you think and act, which in turn effects how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life. Feng Shui affects your every moment of the day.

For example: let us say an old relationship created a broken heart; so you built this wall around your heart to protect it. When we reach our next relationship we call it “baggage” but really it’s that wall! We cannot fully be available for our next relationship or the next opportunities in life when we have these walls.

A theory is that we are all energy. That energy flows through us and into all things. Reiki is the energetic act of breaking down  these barriers we build inside of ourselves so we a good energy flow, so we can be available to opportunities as they come.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.














  Reiki Questions and answers:

What is a holistic health care?

Holistic care addresses the PERSON who has the disease, rather than the Disease the person has. Holistic healing seeks to bring people to a state of wholeness in Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

What is the major focus of a holistic care?

De-stressing is a major focus, as a treatment and Preventive health measure as well. Learning to deal with illness is another focus.

Is Reiki safe? 

It is believed that Reiki energy works only for the Highest Good of each person and can NOT cause harm. It is safe for anyone and for any situations including pregnant women and children.

What is the main difference between Reiki and other Energy Healing methods?

Reiki has far more applications and functions than other “energy” healing. The quality and clarity of the received waves are crystal clear. The healer does not use his/her own energy to heal. It can be learned by anyone in a short time.

Is Reiki a religion?

No.It is not a religion. It is very spiritual in nature, but there is no belief required in order to learn and use it. The beauty of reiki is that it will work regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

What other Reiki techniques exist in the world?

Tibetan Reiki, Shamballa, Sacred Path Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki, Seichem, Karuna Reiki, Karuna Ki, Saichim 7 Facet, Extended Seichim Reiki, Isis Seichim, Traditional Japanese Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, Atlatis Healing System, etc.

What is the difference between these Reiki techniques?

They use a different method to attract the Reiki healing energy. They have a bit different techniques and symbols. Many styles are different from the original Usui Reiki.

What are Reiki Symbols?

They are tools to help direct energy.

Is Reiki open to everyone?

Yes everyone can be initiated into Reiki. If you receive all four Level 1 Initiations you will have Reiki in your hands for life.

Can I treat myself with Reiki?

Yes. Again, if you received your Reiki I initiations, by laying on your hands on your body you can enjoy all the benefits of Reiki. Self-healing will re-balance and center your body-mind-spirit connection.

How can one be attuned to Reiki?

Reiki attunements are received from a Reiki Master who is channeling/passing Reiki frequencies/energy into the initiates aura/energy body.

Can Reiki be used on animals and plants?

Animals respond faster to Reiki than humans. Plants also respond well, because they are living energy fields that can be out of balance.

Can Reiki be used with other therapies?

Yes. It can be combined with other complementary therapies very successfully. Reiki will enhance their effects. It can also be used to complement the health care you receive in hospitals or other health care providers.

Are there any sensations during or after the Reiki treatment?

It depends on the individual. You might not feel anything, but this does not mean that Reiki is not working . On the other hand, you might have sensations during or after the treatment such as: heat, cold, tingling, buzzing, relaxation, sleepiness, or other. It may happen also that the symptoms worsen after the treatment, but just for a short period of time, after which you will feel wonderful. It is important to drink lots of water to aid the cleansing of the body.

Is there anything else I can do for my health?

Yes, of course! Self-care is very-very important. You should pay attention to your diet, exercise regularly (even daily walks do wonders), relax, meditate, do yoga, do imagery exercises…educate yourself, experiment and find out what is the best for you.